Sunday, October 01, 2006

A busy week in the space world

It's been a busy week in the space world, and a busy week in the space prize world, too. For the latest in general space news, check out the "Other Space News" links on the right. (Occasionally there will be news about space prizes at these sites, too). Here are some of the recent events in the space prize world:

Lunar Lander Challenge has an update on that central space prize competition at the upcoming X Prize Cup. Masten Space Systems will not be competing for the Lunar Lander Challenge. The Lunar Lander Challenge was not announced all that long ago, so the competitors haven't had a lot of time to design and implement their entries. Hopefully there will be a follow-on challenge next year.

The X Prize Cup now is called the Wirefly X Prize Cup. I guess that's a sponsor.

RLV News notes that Armadillo LLC, a prominent Lunar Lander Challenge competitor, has a new web page. The second anniversary of the winning Ansari X Prize flight is also discussed there.

Jonathan Goff has more about MSS and the Lunar Lander Challenge.

Anousheh Ansari has some words about her landing, the the next X Prize, and all of our responsibilities after the trip.

Jack Kennedy at Spaceports has an overview about the upcoming Lunar Lander Challenge.

Finally, has an article that discusses the Space Elevator Games at the upcoming X Prize Cup.