Saturday, December 02, 2006

More on Centennial Challenges funding

The Cosmic Log site (Alan Boyle from MSNBC, general site linked to the right) has an update on the politics of future Centennial Challenges funding. This post also breaks down the funding for the existing Centennial Challenges.

Sites like Space Politics and HobbySpace/RLV News continue to post updates as they occur.

NASAWatch also had a post on the topic. Esssentially this post was for the SFF press release, but it is interesting because (I suspect) a lot of NASA employees would have read that one. I'm not sure what the prevailing attitude of NASA employees is towards Centennial Challenges.

I haven't seen a post from Selenian Boondocks (to the right) on the Centennial Challenges funding issue, but between the obvious MSS/Lunar Lander Challenge connection, and Jon's frequent discussion of in-space refueling and the proposed refueling challenge that is one of the ones that depends on future funding, I'm suspect it's on his mind.