Sunday, January 14, 2007

Heinlein Centennial

Kansas City will host the Heinlein Centennial on 07-07-07, 100 years after Heinlein's birth. Heinlein was a science fiction author who often wrote about space travel and space commerce. A large number of prominent people in the science fiction and space fields will be at the event, and some other science fiction events (the Science Fiction Research Association meeting and the John Campbell Conference and Awards) are scheduled in the same area during the event. Hopefully this will be a good opportunity for the 2 fields to work together and exchange ideas.

The Heinlein family set up the Heinlein Prize, awarded to the person with the most significant achievements in commercial space. Peter Diamandis, who set up the X Prize Foundation, won the first Heinlein Prize. Peter will be at the Heinlein Centennial. Also, Brian Binnie, one of the pilots of Space Ship One that won the X Prize, will be at the event.