Monday, March 26, 2007

looking back at Space Access '07

As a number of bloggers have done, I’m going to post my notes on Space Access ’07. In my case, since the theme of this site is “Space Prizes”, I’m just going to post on areas that are most pertinent to that subject. I just relaxed and soaked in the other talks. Also, I didn’t go to all of the talks, and couldn’t always clearly hear, or keep up with, the ones I did go to, so there could be important mistakes or missing information. For more information about the conference, check with Transterrestrial Musings, Personal Spaceflight, RLV News or any of the other sites they linked to. These sites all have numerous posts about the conference, so just look around their logs around the time of these posts to find the rest of the posts. Better yet, go to Space Access '08 and get it all first hand.

(Note: Select "Space Access '07" for all posts on that conference).