Wednesday, May 30, 2007

James Patrick Baen Memorial Writing Contest Winners

One of the prize events at the National Space Society's 2007 ISDC was the James Patrick Baen Memorial Writing Contest. The winners from this contest have now been announced. Forbidden Planet International has a post on the winning stories, and also provides a link to this press release on the contest. The Science Fiction Book Club also has a short post on the winner. The grand prize winner was Mike Wood, for the story "A Better Sense of Direction". This story will be published in Jim Baen's Universe, an online science fiction magazine. Judges include the well-known SF authors Mike Resnick and Eric Flint, as well as Baen Books editor Toni Weisskopf.

Note to future authors: the site that announced the winners also states that they intend to make this an annual event, so start writing!