Wednesday, May 16, 2007

NSS 2007 ISU Scholarship winners

The National Space Society has had a number of competitions and awards, including one for scholarships to the International Space University. The summer 2007 edition of their ad Astra magazine has an article on the two winners of this year's $10,000 scholarship competition. Karina Drees is (or was) an M.B.A. student at MIT and follower of the X PRIZE. She worked with the Mojave Air and Space Port. She is going to the ISU summer program to prepare for a career in space entrepreneurship. Amanda Stiles worked with SEDS and the Yuri's Night event. Her background is in aerospace engineering from the University of Washington and NASA JSC. For more I guess you'll have to get ad Astra (join the NSS). Congratulations to the winners and thanks to NSS for help with space education.