Wednesday, May 16, 2007

PISCES Lunar Outpost Student Design Competition

The HobbySpace Space for All has a post about a lunar outpost design competition for students. Being a part-time student myself, I'm always interested to find out about such competitions. This one is run by PISCES, the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems. The International part of it is that it is a collaboration between Japan and the U.S., based in Hawaii (in particular the University of Hawaii, Hilo).

The competition is mainly for university undergraduate and graduate students. The designs can be at the lunar outpost architecture level, or at the level of subsystems, such as ISRU designs, lunar vehicles, lunar robotics, life support, and many others. There will be a conference in November in Hawaii, and PISCES will support some travel costs to competitors, depending on how well their reports perform, to attend the meeting.

FLORIDA SPACErePORT has more information about PISCES (see the article on Hawaii and the Final Frontier).

Interestingly, this is a single competition, but the web site page is "competitions". That may not mean a thing, but maybe someone there has more such competitions in mind?