Thursday, May 17, 2007

Regolith Excavation Challenge on YouTube

Ken Davidian, manager of the NASA Centennial Challenges program, of which the 2007 Regolith Excavation Challenge is a part, has posted a number of videos on the challenge event:

Uncovering the Lunar Regolith Sandbox

University of Missouri-Rolla Description

TechRanch Tornado - Back End

TechRanch Tornado - Front End

Mendenhall BFD Operations

Duplex Engineering Excavator

Saturday May 19 Update: In comments on an RLV News post on these videos, Ken says he may be able to post more videos like these later. (One imagines that he's a busy person). Also note that he may also post some videos from the recent Astronaut Glove Challenge. Talk about an efficient low overhead cost Centennial Challenges program - the manager of the program doing the videos of each Challenge!

Update on May 20: Here's another one: Lunar Miner at NASA 2007 Regolith Excavation Challenge

Check the "regolith challenge" link below for more on the Excavation Challenge.