Monday, May 28, 2007

Space Liberates Us! and the Lunar Lander Challenge

Space Liberates Us! blog has a number of recent posts, including some from the ISDC, with a Lunar Lander Challenge angle.

First, in one post from the conference there's a picture of Pixel from Armadillo Aerospace.

Next, there's a post on John Carmack's talk at the conference. The post notes that Armadillo intents to bring 4 functioning vehicles to the Lunar Lander Challenge at the 2007 X PRIZE Cup.

Finally, an earlier post notes that the blogger from Space Liberates Us! (Matt) is going to have an internship with Masten Space Systems, another Lunar Lander Challenger. He gets a congratulations from Will Pomerantz from the X PRIZE Foundation in the post's comments.