Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Videos from ISDC 2007

Here are some videos from the ISDC, reached from instructions here. There are a lot more videos in the series; I'm just linking to ones that appeared to be prize-related (ie the ones I watched). Follow the instructions linked above to find the rest of the videos.

Armadillo representative with Pixel in the background

Michael Mealling from Masten Space on "Why Space"? An overview of Masten's business is also included.

ISDC exhibit hall overview, including a look at the Centennial Challenges display

Interview with Robin Snelson, known here as the blogger at the Lunar Lander Challenge blog (since moved on to other efforts), but who apparently also at one point worked with the X PRIZE

ISDC prizes and awards - descriptions of various NSS awards presented at ISDC, including videos of the actual trophies and other prizes - Wernher von Braun prize for inspirational team leader of a space project, Gerard K. O'neill Award for space settlements, and space pioneer awards, such as the award for the Student Space Settlement Design contest

Space Settlement Design Award winners (in Spanish)