Saturday, June 02, 2007

more Space Elevator posts

With all of the recent Astronaut Glove, Regolith Challenge, and Lunar Lander Challenge activity lately, I haven't posted much on the Space Elevator Games. Part of the reason for that is there is already a Space Elevator blog that already does a much better and more comprehensive job than I would. Just check there! Here are the recent posts at that blog that pertain to the Beam Power and Tether Challenges. If you're also interested in Space Elevators in general, check the blog because there are a lot more posts there.


University of Saskatchewan’s Space Design Team featured in an article on an innovation gallery. Here's more on the USST team from the On Campus News.

discussion on where and when the 2007 Space Elevator Games will be held (current answer: TBD)

Eurospaceward formed to promote Space Elevator activities, including helping with the German Space Elevator games. Here is the Eurospaceward site, under construction at the time of this post.

23 teams registered for 2007 Space Elevator Games, recently including SnowStar. The post includes a breakdown of teams for the Beam and Tether challenges.

10 things you can do to build a space elevator - 1 recommendation from the post (which is about the post on the list) is for National Space Society people interested in Space Elevators, and the recommendation is for them to form a Space Elevator Game team.

Also, from the site, among other posts are:

German Space Elevator Games anticipated in 2008

Eurospaceward climber and tether design workshop, which is meant to address the NASA Centennial Challenges and German space elevator competitions. The idea is not only to discuss the technical challenges of the competitions, but also to help potential team sponsors and teams meet.