Thursday, June 21, 2007

NewSpace 2007 Program Agenda

NewSpace 2007 is just a few weeks away, and RLV News points us to the latest program agenda. There are a number of events related to space prizes scheduled, and the rest of the conference should be well worth going to for anyone interested in space prizes, as the entrepreneurial and competitive spirit that prizes try to encourage is well-represented throughout this conference. Some of the prize-related events:

Overview Effect Day: Among numerous other speakers:

Robert K. (Bob) Weiss – Vice chairman of the X-Prize foundation, film and TV producer/writer/director (The Blues Brothers, Sliders and many others). Director, executive or consultant for numerous space organizations.

Thursday, July 19th, 2007: After numerous ORS and spaceplane topics:

5:00 pm Reception – sponsored by VPrize

Friday, July 20th, 2007:

10:00 am
The Next Great Space Business — Annual Business Plan Competition

Watch and help judge pre-screened entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital to build space-related business at this year’s business plan competition. Companies will give a 10 minute presentation to the audience and this year’s competition will have two winners: one for the audience favorite and the other based on scoring by judges, a panel of venture capital, angel investing and legal experts.

Invited Judges:
• Esther Dyson – Author, Release 0.9; Chair, Flight School
• Mohanjit Jolly – VP, Garage Technology Ventures
• Mike Miller – Managing Director & Founder, ComSpace
• Alan Marty – NASA Ames; Formerly of JP Morgan

Business Plan Competition PDF

1:30 pm Surviving a Bad Day in Space: Risk Management Architecture

Among other speakers:

Haley Jackson – Associate Producer, Ansari X Prize Race to Space
Bretton Alexander – Executive Director, Space Prizes and Wirefly X PRIZE Cup

4:45 pm Beyond COTS: Future Commercial Opportunities and the Vision for Space Exploration

Among other speakers:

Ken Davidian – Centennial Challenges, NASA ESMD

Saturday, July 21st, 2007:

3:15 pm Born After Apollo

Among other speakers:

William Pomerantz – Director, X Prize Foundation

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