Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lunar Lander Challenge Teams

RLV News and Cosmic Log post about the Lunar Lander Challenge. The Cosmic Log post is quite detailed. It discusses the LLC web site, which has been extensively updated. The X PRIZE folks said they were going to put a lot of attention into the LLC web site, and it shows. There is a lot about the competitors, both new and old, for the LLC. From the Cosmic Log post:

"The lineup includes Acuity Technologies, Armadillo Aerospace, BonNova, Masten Space Systems, Micro-Space, Paragon Labs, Speed Up and Unreasonable Rocket." That makes 8 teams, but there is still a mystery 9th team.

Another items from the post: "The purpose behind the exercise - and the reason why NASA is putting up the prize purse - is to encourage rocket-powered innovation that could someday come into play during the drive back to the moon and beyond." That's part of it, but they are also interested in general in vertical takeoff vertical lander rockets, and want to see what the entrepreneurs can do with that profile.

Check out the RLV News and Cosmic Log posts and comments - there is a lot there. Then check the LLC site, and the sites of all the teams!

(Note to self: It's time to update the list of LLC Teams and Sites on the right! I'll try to get to that ASAP folks ... Update on 6/14: Done!)