Sunday, June 24, 2007

Space Elevator Blog on LaserMotive Team

The Space Elevator Blog has a post about one of the Space Elevator Games teams, LaserMotive, being visited by the BBC for a documentary. As you might expect, LaserMotive is using a laser in their power beaming design.

Here's a link to the LaserMotive site. You can see a number of interesting blog posts from the team. They discuss their team needs, high-power lasers, a near-disaster with shipping (so many teams in the different Centennial Challenges have had problems with shipping!), and testing. You can see videos of tests here and here.

I won't forget the sponsors that make the competitions possible in so many cases.

I should note that the team pages site at the Elevator2010 web page doesn't have a Home page listed for LaserMotive. Hopefully they can get a link to the above LaserMotive site set up soon (as well as to any other teams, if any, who may have web sites but no corresponding links).