Friday, June 01, 2007

University Rover Challenge This Weekend

The Mars Society's University Rover Challenge is scheduled to start today with briefings for the competing teams. The actual challenge is planned for June 2. A new post was issued a few days ago at the challenge site.

A Penn State group of Mars Society members is one of the teams going to the challenge, according to a recent news release by the school. The challenge is at the Mars Desert Research Station, and the team expects to follow the MDRS protocols as if they were on Mars.

Another group of students from Brigham Young University also plans to participate.

This press release also notes that there will be teams from UCLA, Nevada–Reno and Ferris State, although this teams site's list is 1 team shorter.

More on the challenge from the Mars Society URC site:

sponsor opportunities

logistics (this page notes that 5 teams are expected to travel there)


Some news articles:

Daily Herald news focused on BYU team

older announcement from Space Daily