Saturday, June 02, 2007

Unreasonable Rocket Chamber failure analysis

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Here's more on the work being done at Unreasonable Rocket:

First, here's how to get to the RLV News post that gets you to the beginning of this chamber pressure post series. Then, continue with:

simulating chamber failure

Chamber failures explained

Here's more:

FAA Permit Application and associated cover letter ... sounds boring, right? Well, part of the idea is to make this step easier for everyone in the future by showing how it's done. Not only that, but it's actually interesting because you get to see what the vehicle is going to look like (assuming it is completed), what it will do, and where it will do it. Most of it actually seems like things that ought to be designed and recorded anyway for the benefit of the designer. I had imagined a lot more "documentation of documentation layers".

Learning Curve/Frustrations interacting with vendors

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