Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vanishing Point Winner

I'm getting to some old posts that I meant to write a while ago, but didn't have the time. I tend to post in a "last in first out" order, so I'll usually post recent news items, and older ones that I didn't get around to just get pushed under a big pile of posts-waiting-to-be. I'm taking care of a few of those today.

Here's a quick one from this February, from Personal Spaceflight on the Vanishing Point contest from Microsoft and Advanced Micro Devices (computer chips) being won. The prize was an RpK suborbital space flight. I'm sure I had some complicated things to say at the time that prevented me from writing the post (or maybe I just wanted to get ready for Valentine's Day and didn't care less about space prizes that week). Now, though, it seems like there isn't much more to say, so if you missed this one the first time around check it out.

Update: Also see this RLV News post.