Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Heinlein Centennial - Gala Reception

There were a lot of other events besides the Peter Diamandis talk, but since this is the "Space Prizes" blog, I allowed myself to just enjoy myself during most of it and didn't take notes unless something prize-related was happening. Here are some of the other prizes awarded or discussed during the Reception:

The 2007 Heinlein Award (not to be confused with the National Space Society's Heinlein Award) went to Elizabeth Moon (another good author in my opinion).

The SFRA (Science Fiction Research Association) had a number of awards. You can see photos and descriptions.

Robert Charles Wilson (author of Darwinia, Bios, etc) won the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for "The Cartisian Theater".

Ben Bova (Welcome to Moonbase, NSS, etc) won the John W. Campbell Award for his novel Titan.

Here are some photos of the award event and after the awards. I didn't hear who won these awards until the Gala Reception, but there are photos of that, too. In fact, you'll see a lot more of the conference (and probably some people you know if you're into space and/or SF) if you surf around that photo site.

The Heinlein Centennial Writing Contest had a number of awards in the amateur and professional categories. I tried writing them all down, but I didn't catch all of the names and titles. The winner in the professional category, however, is "The Beautiful Accident" by Edward Carmien.

Now that the Centennial event is over, you can still check here for the souvenir book or T-shirts. Also, don't forget to register early for the next Heinlein Centennial, to be held in Luna City on 7/7/2107!