Sunday, July 29, 2007

Heinlein Centennial Wrap-Up

The Heinlein Centennial site is now showing some post-event information. See the link for more details; I'll just post on the writing prize. From the site, here are the winners of the Heinlein Centennial Writing Contest:

Winner, Amateur Division: "Hammers and Snails" - Christopher J. Howard
Honorable Mention, Amateur Division: "A Condition of Intelligence" - Robert Jenkins
Special Recognition, Amateur Division: "World Ceres" - Sandy Sandfort
Winner, Professional Division: "The Beautiful Accident" - Edward Carmien
Honorable Mention, Professional Division: "Refuse" - Marjorie Dieter Keyishian
Special Recognition, Professional Division: "B All U Cn B" - Fran Van Cleave

What's really nice is that, until August 7, these stories are available for downloading here.