Sunday, July 15, 2007

Personal Air Vehicle Centennial Challenge News

The CAFE Foundation has a number of news articles on the Personal Air Vehicle Challenge, to be held August 4-12 . Here's another place to find news on the Challenge: their PAV Challenge Updates. Check both sites because the general news has some articles on the PAV Challenge that I don't see on the PAV Challenge Updates site.

I don't see a way to link to particular articles. I suspect the PAV Challenge articles I'm referring to will work their way off the page, or too far down for most readers, so I'll include copies here for later readers:

LSA Owners: Last Chance To Win NASA's $250,000 Cash Prize

July 5 , 2007

The CAFE Foundation has just learned that 3 of the teams officially entered for the 2007 $250,000 NASA PAV Challenge have withdrawn from the flight competition for LSAs. This opens 3 slots for other teams to enter the August 2007 event. Teams wishing to enter must contact the CAFE Foundation immediately in order to complete their application for the event. Please see the full contest rules for more information.

Boeing Phantom Works to support CAFE Foundation’s PAV Flight Testing

June 30, 2007

Boeing Phantom Works, Boeing’s advanced research and development organization, is providing financial support for the non-profit CAFE Foundation flight research program for small, environmentally-progressive Personal Air Vehicles (PAVs). CAFE (Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency, est. 1981) was chosen by NASA as the official flight test agency to conduct the annual NASA Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) Centennial Challenge, a $2M flight competition that rewards innovations in fuel efficiency, noise reduction, ease of use, speed and short runway capabilities.

Boeing support will help enable CAFE to create and use an advanced suite of new flight test hardware and software to measure the performance of competing PAVs. NASA’s vision is for PAVs to complement the NextGen air transportation system by offering consumer-attractive, on-demand air travel for short range trips. Future PAVs may include conventional takeoff vehicles driveable on highways, vertical takeoff vehicles and solar/electric powered emission-free aircraft.

Related news:

The CAFE Foundation held the "Electric Aircraft Symposium" in San Francisco on May 23. One of the presentations was called "Electric PAVs: Contenders in NASA's PAV Challenge?".

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