Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Reminder of Heinlein Centennial

Heinlein Centennial web site

This is another reminder of the Heinlein Centennial, July 6-8, in Kansas City, MO, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Heinlein's birth on 7/7/7 . This is an appropriate place since this is where Heinlein grew up, and Kansas City is featured in some of his novels. I'll have more to post on it after the conference. In addition to many other guests in the areas of science fiction and space at the conference and 2 adjacent SF events (the Science Fiction Research Association annual meeting and the Campbell Conference and Awards), there are several space prize angles to this one:

Guest Speakers

X PRIZE Founder Dr. Peter Diamandis (also winner of the first Heinlein Prize for Accomplishments in Commercial Space Activities)

X PRIZE pilot Brian Binnie

Heinlein Award

"Heinlein Award to be Presented at the Centennial Gala

We're pleased to announce that Dr. Yoji Kondo will be presenting the Robert A. Heinlein Award as part of the Saturday evening Gala.

The Robert A. Heinlein Award was established in 2003 by Dr. Kondo and several other prominent science fiction writers, including the late Charles Sheffield, to honor outstanding published works in hard science fiction or technical writings that inspire the human exploration of space. Prior recipients include Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, Greg Bear, Jack Williamson, Michael Flynn and Virginia Heinlein."

Heinlein Centennial Short Fiction Writing Contest