Friday, August 10, 2007

36 DARPA Urban Challenge Semi-finalist Teams

Space for All has a link to a post by Cosmic Log on the DARPA Urban Challenge. This post also links to some articles about the GM Volt plug-in hybrid car that may be of interest to those following vehicle prizes like the Urban Challenge, or more likely the Automotive X PRIZE.

The Cosmic Log article is on the DARPA announcement of 36 semi-finalist teams in the DARPA Urban Challenge. The announcement also included the location of the "National Qualification Event", which will trim the list of teams down to 20, and the finals. Both events will be held at a military training base in Victorville, CA. The Cosmic Log article also has links to all 36 teams.

Also from the Cosmic Log article, here's a press release from the Carnegie Mellon University team, one of the teams that made the cut.