Saturday, August 04, 2007

Numerous Automotive X PRIZE Articles

With all of the recent activity on the Automotive X PRIZE, can you believe that I can't even keep up with the posts on it? This post is going to be a collection of links to articles on the Automotive X PRIZE. A lot of them are related to the recent announcement by the X PRIZE Foundation of 31 teams announcing before the prize is kicked off that they intend to compete. (Many more teams are interested, but these already paid the $1000 registration fee). Most of them are linked by the scrolling news list at the X PRIZE Foundation site.

The one you should go to if you only go to one is Cosmic Log's Green Teams Go for Auto Race. This gives you all the essential overview (with ample links) of the background and status of the prize, future plans, and links to all of the teams.

Great Lakes IT Report has an article that briefly mentions one of the competitors, local favorite Michigan Vision from Ann Arbor.

Next is an article by WardsAuto discussing the X PRIZE Foundation finalizing the rules for the challenge. They have a link to a previous article about a "$25M Auto prize", but this article discusses a $10M prize. I guess it all depends on how much the sponsors donate.

Next up is an article by the UK's 4Car from Channel 4 giving a high-level overview of the recent announcement, as well as the global nature of the teams that have signed up.

Edmunds Inside Line has a brief article that also cites the lower $10M prize figure. This article links to one of their earlier articles that goes into a lot more detail on the prize, and also includes lots of car pictures from potential competitors.

As with the DARPA Urban Challenge, I hope somebody steps up and does a prize-specific blog or news website on this challenge like Robin's Lunar Lander Challenge site did, and the Space Elevator Blog does (in this case covering more than the prize). Thirty One teams is already way too many for a general site (like this one, or general auto sites, etc) to cover the way it should be outside of the "official site".