Saturday, August 18, 2007

Personal Air Vehicle Challenge Results

Space for All has a good collection of links on the PAV Challenge that completed a few days ago. You can check there for the main articles; here are a few more to supplement those:

Pipistrel Virus the Big Winner at PAV Challenge - EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) News

Pipistrel Big Winner at NASA Challenge - from Pipistrel

ZDNet Photo Gallery of PAV Challenge - each photo comes with a paragraph or 2 showing what's going on, so you get a good sense of what happened

Far from 'The Jetsons', air cars for commuters - from ZDNet, gives an overview of the challenge. As sometimes happens with first-year events like this, it sounds like there weren't a lot of attendees at this one, according to the article. I wouldn't expect a lot of spectators at the actual challenge since it ran from Aug 4-12. Hopefully at least the post-challenge display event was better attended, and by next year the word will be out and the CAFE Foundation will hone their promotional skills.


Anders' Personal Air Vehicle, CAFE Foundation, RV-4

Vance Tuner's Personal Air Vehicle, PAV Challenge, CAFE Foundation

Rodger Musso's Personal Air Vehicle, PAV Challenge, CAFE Foundation

Video Update (August 27):

John Rehn's Personal Air Vehicle Challenge, CAFE Foundation

Here are some older, but fun, videos I ran across on the same site:

Flying Car 350Z - Westin's Personal Air Vehicle - a lighthearted, fictional account of Westin, who finds out about the cool PAV Challenge and decides to start with what is presumably his Dad's car as a starting point. According to the text this was a test video for a CAFE fundraiser.

RC Demo for the CAFE Foundation - a radio-controlled mini-PAV demo

Update (August 19): CAFE has posted a slide show of photos from the event, including lots of small planes and a large check. They've also posted a summary of the event and a breakdown of the scores in the various parts of the competition in a 2007 NASA PAV Challenge Results page.