Sunday, August 19, 2007

Space Elevator Competition Team Blogging

The Space Elevator Blog has a number of posts on Space Elevator Teams that are also blogging:

Kansas City Space Pirates start blog - They start with a more optimistic outlook than earlier information showed, and also get more media coverage, making it a great day to be a Space Pirate.

KC Pirates reach another fundraising goal - They're a land lubber no longer!

News from the Andromeda Connection - The Progress Report points out the photos on the site, how much hard work is going into the project, and items for sale.

LaserMotive Problems and Solutions - The LaserMotive post Not All Roses - We Have Problems, Too describes some of the gritty engineering difficulties they've encountered. The Space Elevator Blog post shows that these types of problems are an inevitable part of any significant engineering challenge. I think the competitors in the other Centennial Challenges that have posted about their difficulties would agree.

LaserMotive also has a newer post on a type of sponsorship/fundraising/meeting challenge they don't teach in Business or Communication school called Breaking the Flow of Conversation.

I should also mention the latest (August 8) newsletter from The Spaceward Foundation, which announces Euro Spaceward. Euro Spaceward is holding a workshop on the Climber (Beam Power) and Tether Competitions in Luxembourg on November 12-14. They also provide information on the Spaceward-managed Space Elevator Games, as well as the expected European Space Elevator Games, here. They also have an interest in a European Mars Challenge and promote the Regolith Excavation Challenge and Moon Regolith Oxygen Challenge.

The newsletter also gives an overview of expectations for the Beam Power Competition, and discusses volunteer and sponsorship opportunities.