Monday, August 27, 2007

Space Review on the V-Prize

Today's Space Review has an article on the V-Prize written by Paul de Brem. This prize is in the concept and development stage. The organizers of the prize would like to create a $10-25M prize, similar to the Ansari X PRIZE, for a 1-hour flight from Virginia to Europe.

If you can read French, you should be able to find references to a recently-published article by the same author in "Le Journal du dimanche".

It sounds like a tough prize to organize (even the X PRIZE Foundation hasn't come out with a follow-on to the X PRIZE, and that's a lot of money to raise!), but they'll need a big incentive because it's a tough prize to win, too. Best of luck to them.

Here's an earlier post I had on this prize.

Update: Spaceports, run by V-PRIZE's Jack Kennedy, has some comments.