Tuesday, August 28, 2007

X PRIZE Cup Promotion

Spaceports posts about some X PRIZE Cup promotional material. I already pointed out the video in an earlier post, but Spaceports has some more information and promotional material about the Air Force contributions to the Holloman Air and Space Show.

Meanwhile, the New Mexico Museum of Space History has an event listing for the nearby X PRIZE Cup (more here). With the Personal Spaceflight Symposium Wed-Thu, and the X PRIZE Cup Sat-Sun, I wonder if the museum will have any events on Friday to tie in with the other events? The X PRIZE Cup has a media and education day Friday, but that might leave a lot of space fans in the area looking for something to do on Friday.

RLV News also recently posted another X PRIZE Cup update, this time on an X PRIZE Cup overview article by Leonard David. There are some interesting comments in the article about the Air Force's interest in the possibility of private companies being able to do space work cheaper than the government.

Update (August 29): Leonard David has a Lunar Lander Challenge Update with some newer information on some of the teams mentioned in the earlier article on LiveScience Blogs.

Update (August 30): Cosmic Log has a detailed look at the Lunar Lander Challenge. If a number of teams are ready at the Challenge, it could be a fast-paced show. According to the article:

"We've designed for two pad zones, so you can have two competitors with heavily concurrent operations," Pomerantz explained. "While one team is getting ready to pump their gas, the other team is flying - and once the first team touches down, the next team is ready to go."