Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lunar Lander Challenge Updates from Unreasonable Rocket and BonNova

Lunar Lander Challenge competitor BonNova adds a comment about their interest in the other Lunar Lander Challenge, the Google Lunar X PRIZE, to their news section. They also give a link to a Cosmic Log article that has the comment.

Meanwhile, Unreasonable Rocket posts that they encountered some problems, and are out of time for the 2007 Lunar Lander Challenge. That's disappointing, but everyone knows this is an incredibly difficult challenge, especially for a small team. From here it looks like they've done a great job.

They give details on what happened this weekend, and what they think the prospects are for the Challenge at the X PRIZE Cup this year. They plan to continue going for the prize in 2008 if there is still money in the pot.

Good luck to Unreasonable Rocket - take a break, get the day business in order, and hopefully show everyone how far you've progressed already at the X PRIZE Cup. Also, be back next year!