Wednesday, September 05, 2007

X PRIZE Cup and Lunar Lander Challenge Team Updates

From the X PRIZE Foundation news scroller, El Paso Inc. has an article about sponsorship opportunities during the X PRIZE Cup student activities. These activities include several competitions with prizes. Sponsorship will help with transportation expenses to get thousands of students to and from the X PRIZE Cup education day.

Meanwhile, RLV News noted a couple of posts from Lunar Lander Challenge teams Unreasonable Rocket and Armadillo Aerospace.

First, Unreasonable Rocket demonstrates with pictures how to tell that you're addicted to rockets. "If you this looks like you, you have a rocket problem, seek help."

Then, Armadillo gives more details on the Texel Crash, which was followed with several 180 second Pixel flights. As usual, they're generous with the photos and videos. Here's an interesting quote: "Pixel had more rocket powered flight time that weekend than Space Ship One had in all of its flights combined. We have also spent more on operational consumables (helium, lox, alcohol, truck rental) than the vehicle itself cost, which is probably a first for any rocket vehicle."

After the Texel crash, they've been working more on new configurations. This work is described in detail, and further documented in photos and a video.