Thursday, September 27, 2007

X PRIZE Cup links

RLV News posts some links to information sources on the upcoming events in New Mexico, which include the Lunar Lander Challenge prize competition and many other events.

X PRIZE Cup - blog from the sponsor, Wirefly - I didn't know about this one. They have a number of posts already. It's easy to get to the sponsor's business links, too.

The Pomerantz Report - blog from X PRIZE Foundation space representative William Pomerantz (you know about this one if you've been checking this site, but I think I should put it on the side links, too).

You can also check the RLV News link for more links - one from on the history of the Holloman Air Force Base (where this year's X PRIZE Cup will be held), and one on getting a spot at the Personal Spaceflight Symposium held before the X PRIZE Cup.