Tuesday, September 11, 2007

X PRIZE Foundaton Pomerantz Report and More

Either the X PRIZE Foundation is making some changes to their web site, or I'm running into some areas I've never checked before. (I check out certain pages fairly often, but I'm sure there are spots I've never gone to). The biggest change I noticed is The Pomerantz Report, a blog by William Pomerantz, the X PRIZE Foundation's Director of Space Projects. The link I've given is to the "Hello World" blog post for the report (I guess somebody's had some experience in computer programming). This first post gives an idea how he got interested in space and wound up at the X PRIZE Foundation. It also gives a hint about what the next post will be about - the Lunar Lander Challenge.

There's also a Media Center, but at the moment the photo gallery and video archive aren't showing contents for me. Just check back in a while and see what shows up.

If you click on the Space tab at the top of the page, you'll see sections for "Wirefly X PRIZE Cup 2007 " and "Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge 2007". Those links weren't working for me today, nor was the Privacy Policy here or at the main Foundation page (hey, I got curious about what was and wasn't working). I'm sure they'll get those links working, and anyway you can get to them from the selections under "Events and Challenges" and (for that policy - the one on the Automotive X PRIZE works) here. I also never noticed the Space Media Center before, but I'm getting an "Error on page" message in the bottom left of my IE browser, as well as some "shaking" of the letters, when I highlight or slowly hover my cursor over the article headings. I don't get this symptom in Firefox, though.

Anyway, sometimes when you catch a site in transition, in a few days you find it's all been fixed and even more cool stuff has been posted. Check it out over the next few days and see what you can find!