Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day 2 of Main Space Elevator Games

As usual you can get (huge waves of) the latest news from The Space Elevator Blog and The Space Elevator Reference. The tether challenge will come to the spotlight (I guess I shouldn't use that wording in these games) today.

One additional item I didn't notice in the 2 big sources is a pair of posts by one of the 4 climber competitors still going for the money. Technology Tycoons posted yesterday about day 1 of the challenge. There are lots of photos included.

End of day update: The 2 sites listed above recount the results from both the Tether Challenge and the Light Racers competition. There were no climber events today because of weather, but tomorrow looks good. I urge you to see the 2 sites for the many fun but in some cases frustrating details.

Slashdot has a (mostly rather silly) conversation about the games.

USST has a group photo on their site with the caption The USST Team in front of the "Seacan" laser power source right after an interview with the documentary film crew, October 20, 2007.

The Technology Tycoons site I linked above now has another post summarizing Day 2 of the games, and their plans for the competition tomorrow.

The Kansas City Space Pirates hear reports that they won the Light Racer competition.