Sunday, October 21, 2007

Focus on Some of the Automotive X PRIZE Teams

As with the Genomics X PRIZE, I have some catching up to do with the Automotive X PRIZE. Again I'll take care of it in 1 big post.

Automotive X PRIZE Teams Rev Up to Compete - - This article overviews the 30 or so teams that have entered the Automotive X PRIZE competition to make and race an affordable and marketable 100 mpg low-emissions car. It focuses on 5 teams, and clearly shows the difference in the "personalities" of the teams' concepts. The teams are Zero Pollution Motors (The Air Car), Desert Fuel, Society for Sustainable Mobility (Open Source car development), The GreenIt! Project, and Kinetic Vehicles.

AutoblogGreen Q&A: Open Source Green Vehicle Project - AutoBlogGreen has the text of an interview of the Open Source Green Vehicle team.

Overview: teams competing in the Automotive X-Prize - AutoBlogGreen - The one also gives an overview of the Automotive X PRIZE, and how it differs from earlier high-mileage prizes in that it emphasizes characteristics that would make the vehicles marketable. It also covers some of the teams, like Tesla, Phoenix, Fuel Vapor, Zap, and Velozzi. Shiny photos or pictures of the vehicles are there, of course.

PM’s Auto X Prize Kids Zip Toward 100 MPG With a Plug-in Car - Popular Mechanics - This article showcases the Cornell Automotive X PRIZE Team. They're assembling team members and going with a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). They determined that the alternative Automotive X PRIZE category was more suitable for the strengths of a research institution like Cornell University, but the consumer market fit of the mainstream vehicle category is so compelling that they're going with a mainstream vehicle (ie features like 4 passenger capability). Note: Popular Mechanics is sponsoring this team. There's more about the team here and of course here.