Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Getting Closer to the Space Elevator Games

As we get closer to the 2007 Space Elevator Games (to be started in 15 days), a lot has been happening. The Space Elevator Blog has been keeping on top of it all:

LaserMotive runs into a Problem - a tear in the ribbon, with shops closing and testing needing to be done. Follow the comments on the Space Elevator Blog and the LaserMotive posts. Here's where LaserMotive posts about the problem and their solution.

LaserMotive also has a look at how far they've come in 1 year.

Interview with Spaceward Foundation's Ben Shelef - I think this is the interview I posted about here linked by the Spaceward site. It's a good interview so check it either way.

The field narrows - as happened with the Lunar Lander Challenge, as the date approaches, some of the teams aren't able to make it. The challenges got a lot tougher this year, so that's not surprising - as the post mentions. Here's the announcement from The Andromeda Connection - and they plan to be at the games anyway to show their progress. Also, check out the new technologies and patents page for the Andromeda Connection - they're in good shape with or without the prize.

Still, there are plenty of teams left, and a lot is expected this year given what we've already seen on the web sites of some of the teams.

As for the European workshop on the Space Elevator Games, the date has changed.

Update: RLV News also has a reminder about the games, including a local view of the games from the Salt Lake Tribune that gives the basics. I'm glad to see local media showing the event so the non-space folks hear about it and get a chance to become interested and involved, so I clicked the "Is this article worthwhile" vote button.

The Davis County Events Center has the event listed on their calendar, along with the "RAD Canyon BMX Race" nearby those days.