Sunday, October 14, 2007

Google Earth Blog on 2007 Wirefly X PRIZE Cup

The Google Earth Blog has a review of the X PRIZE Cup plans, including a number of links related to Google Earth and the event. Some of the links are from the 2006 event, so you may have already seen them, but check them out if not.

For the 2007 event, I liked the link that takes you (assuming you've installed Google Earth) to the Holloman Air Force Base where the event will be held, even though you probably could find that yourself. You can take GE for a spin up the road to Alamogordo, and check out the pictures of the rocket garden at the New Mexico Museum of Space History, or go towards White Sands and check photos of that.

Then, check out the depiction of a Space Ship One flight.

There are a lot of other interesting and related links there.