Sunday, October 07, 2007

More New Blogs at the X PRIZE Foundation

Following quickly on the heels of the Pomerantz Report, the X PRIZE Foundation has started 2 new blogs:

Dr. Peter Diamandis's Blog - this one starts off with a post on the anniversary of Sputnik and SpaceShipOne's winning flight. You can also see this one at the Huffington Post (I provide the somewhat redundant link in case an interesting discussion develops in the comments there).

The Tomologue - this is Tom Vander Ark's blog, and it starts with a post called Chasing the Dream that's an analysis of where the X PRIZE Foundation fits in the world of businesses, governments, and non-profits. The post contrasts the X PRIZE Foundation's approach from that of traditional non-profits, and gives an assessment of the factors that go into choosing the appropriate size for a prize.