Wednesday, October 03, 2007

NASA Wins Adobe Award for ISS Document

NASA Watch has a post about NASA winning an Adobe MAX Award for a NASA document on the ISS that was made using Adobe software. Check out the NASA Watch document for links to the Adobe press release and a slide show on the ISS document.

I highly recommend checking out the document itself, too: International Space Station: An Interactive Reference Guide. All sorts of slick animations, sounds, and videos are integrated into the document. My favorite is the ISS 360 (degrees, presumably) Tour, which lets you see what it will be like to move around inside the Station when Harmony, Columbus, JEM, and the Cupola are installed. A lot of the "fun" (to me, anyway) parts of the ISS are scheduled to be deployed soon, so it's going to be interesting to watch.

The "How It Works" part is good, too - it lets you bring up separate slick documents on the different components, and the "How It's Supported" section doesn't forget to mention the "future commercially available orbital transporation services".