Monday, October 08, 2007

Space Elevator Blog Plans During the Games

Be sure to check the Space Elevator Blog during the Space Elevator Games, whether you're there or not. From the blog:

you can expect at least 8-10 posts per day from me during the event, as well as a nightly summary.

In the meantime, the SE Blog has some more updates:

Another way to skin the cat? - hoping the the University of Michigan gets into both the beam power and tether competitions next year

Update: Unfortunately, as the Space Elevator Blog just posted, the University of Michigan team won't make it this year.

Associates and competitors - on the Space Elevator concept and Laser Launch, from a researcher involved with laser launch and also a competitor in the Space Elevator games. It sounds to me like we need to have some "Laser Launch Games" to keep they playing field level.

Kansas City Space Pirates' Brian Turner to be interviewed tomorrow - the title says it all. The post was before the interview; the hour long interview is now up. You might want to skip some of the beginning part with technical difficulties.

Update: The Space Elevator Blog also has a post-interview update.