Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Unreasonable Rocket Plans

Now that the 2007 Lunar Lander Challenge is over, Unreasonable Rocket has a rough plan for what they need to do in the next year to be ready for the 2008 Lunar Lander Challenge. I like that many of the goals are near-term. It's best not to fill up the year's schedule, since surprises and delays are bound to happen along the way.

Some of the "Unreasonable" plans seem to be based on lessons learned not only during this year's development, but also at this year's X PRIZE Cup. What we see at this type of public event is that every team is able to learn from the others, during development if the teams are open (as they often are in these Challenges), and, if nothing else, during the actual competitions. Even if the prize isn't won in a competition event, the industry moves forward with lessons learned. The sponsor's goals are more likely to ultimately be reached because of this.