Monday, October 22, 2007

Wirefly X PRIZE Cup and Northop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge

Well, the Space Elevator Games schedule is almost merging with the X PRIZE Cup schedule, if you count the Personal Spaceflight Symposium! Fortunately there are lots of others out there posting on these events.

Here's an article by the Las Cruces Sun-News on the Symposium and Cup. It mentions a local participant in the X PRIZE Cup:

One of those participating this year is Las Crucen Eric Yaryan whose group FLARE — Fellowship of Las Cruces Area Rocket Enthusiasts — will launch a high-powered rocket named Leatherneck to an altitude of more than 12,000 feet.

Here's more about FLARE.

I'd bet on plenty of reporting on the Lunar Lander Challenge, X PRIZE Cup, and International Symposium on Personal Spaceflight from RLV News, Transterrestrial Musings, and The Space Show, since they plan to attend. There will probably be a lot more coverage, too.

Check out the RLV News link above for more information about the remaining Lunar Lander Challenge competitors. It includes this video of an Armadillo FAA qualification flight.

Don't forget to check out coverage of the Cup!

The ISPS Blog got updated a few days ago with some new speakers; I'm not sure if it will be updated during the event.

Wirefly also has a Blog for the X PRIZE Cup, but again I don't know if it will be updated during the event.