Sunday, November 11, 2007

Automotive X PRIZE Blog on Teams and Media

The Automotive X PRIZE blog notes that they are up to 43 teams signed up for their upcoming 100 mpg car race, and gives a few examples of the media coverage the teams are getting:

Aptera Motors: StartUp Beat, 8/2007
Cornell University:
PopularMechanics, 8/2007
FuelVapor Technologies:
gizmag, 7/2007
AutoblogGreen, 8/2007
Michigan Vision:
Ann Arbor Business Review, 9/2007
Phoenix Motorcars:
Fast Company, 11/2007
Porteon Electric Vehicles, Inc.:
CNET, 10/2007
Society for Sustainable Mobility:
Red Hat Magazine, 8/2007
Tesla Motors:
Newsweek, 10/2007
engadget, 4/2007
Visionary Vehicles:
Washington Post, 9/2007

An article in The Economist describes a meeting and discussions held by Google's Larry Page and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Vinod Khosla to work on the Automotive X PRIZE and related goals.