Friday, November 16, 2007

Google Lunar X PRIZE Lunar Legacy

There were recently several blog posts pointing out the Lunar Legacy opportunity associated with the Lunar X PRIZE:

Space Fellowship - describes the idea, which is that you have a chance to get your Lunar Legacy (a digitally stored photo) on a rover that makes it to the Moon for a donation of $10. This of course depends on the competitors in the Lunar X PRIZE getting to the Moon's surface. Maybe some photos will be beamed back to Earth, too (TBD). Not only that, but you'll be helping the competitors and the X PRIZE Foundation compete in, and manage, the competition. It's suggested as a good Christmas gift for space fans.

Genealogy Insider - also describes the Lunar Legacy idea (which is put in the "family heirlooms" and "Genealogy fun" categories). When I see some positive space news in a non-space publication like this, first of all it makes me like the publication, but it also makes me think the space project in question must be doing something right. I'm convinced that space activities of interest or use to the space-indifferent majority have a much better chance to succeed.

Space for All - in addition to the above information, provides easy links to see the photo gallery of Lunar Legacies, and to get your Lunar Legacy uploaded.