Sunday, November 25, 2007

Strong Tether Challenger DeltaX

Tether Challenge competitor DeltaX has a web page that I haven't noticed or linked before. It looks like it's fairly new, and up until now I've been (whether correctly or not) using the MIT Space Elevator Team link for them. There's a lot of information on the team on the site, and already a bunch of news updates. Some highlights:

photo gallery
high-powered team members

news posts on:

- their carbon nanotube tether
- media coverage
- 8-minute video of the 2007 tether challenge event
- links on the recent nanotube news, and, perhaps most interestingly, comments on where DeltaX stands in their similar quest (including speculation that "parachutes for space divers" may be helped with the technology).

The DeltaX link should appear on the right in the Space Elevator section in a few minutes.