Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ambitious Lunar X PRIZE Teams

RLV News has more on the CMU Lunar X PRIZE team, including some comparisons of launch costs that teams like this have to consider.

Wired has been publishing lots of articles on the Lunar X PRIZE teams the last few days. Here's one that concentrates on the advertising and media angles of the GLXP:

Presenting at the Space Investment Summit in San Jose, London said the company was seeking $75 million of funding, but that they expected to return 5 to 10 times that amount of money to their investors via selling the media rights to their HD footage of the moon.

I've expanded the list of links on the right for Lunar X PRIZE teams. We'll see how well I keep up if lots more teams are announced. Interplanetary Ventures is one of the teams. If you look on their discussion forum, you'll see that their team roster includes Bob Steinke from Lunar Lander Challenge competitor SpeedUp as a Technical Advisor/Consultant. They also list some potential competitors there (and I've seen others in my web surfing), but I'm waiting to learn more about them before including them.