Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cosmic Log Book Selections

Cosmic Log presents a collection recently published science-related books in different categories that you may find you'd like to read, or give as holiday gifts. Some of the books in the list (or mentioned in associated text) have a prize connection:

An Inconvenient Truth - Al Gore - His Nobel Prize was in part related to this book and the associated movie.

Energy Victory - Robert Zubrin - Zubrin advocates a relatively cheap mandate that all vehicles sold in the U.S. be flex fueled (in this case meaning supporting E85 (85% ethanol), M85 (85% methanol), and gasoline), which would give gas stations the incentive to install E85 and M85 pumps. That would lead to the development and improvement of numerous sources of ethanol and methanol for liquid fuel. Zubrin believes this would result in energy independence, an improved economy, improved balance of trade, reduced poverty worldwide because of agriculture, replacement of farms for narcotics with farms for energy, a better environment, reduced funding for terrorism, and lower gas prices. As I mentioned in this post, an organization he promotes in the book is supporting government prizes that would supprt energy independence.

A Life Decoded: My Genome: My Life - Craig Venter - Venter is on the Board of Trustees of the X PRIZE Foundation, and even appeared on the Colbert Report (link care of the X PRIZE Foundation), of all places, recently.

Rocketeers - Michael Belfiore - As I mentioned in other posts, this book covers the Ansari X PRIZE competition.

There's also a prize up for grabs for Cosmic Log readers. From the Cosmic Log post:

Now it's your turn: What science-oriented books hold an honored place on your bookshelf - or on your holiday wish list, for that matter? Feel free to leave your suggestions below, and if your pick becomes a future Cosmic Log Used Book Club selection, I'll send you a DVD of "Flatland: The Movie."