Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mprize Longevity Prize Donations Rising

There are a lot of blog posts at the Methuselah Mouse anti-aging prize (Mprize) blog site (for the Methuselah Foundation) that I haven't covered since they aren't directly related to the Mprize. Some are about a book and videos related to their goal to end or reverse harmful effects of aging; others are about funding anti-aging research grants (passing $5 Million in grant donations, a 300% match for donations through the end of the year - or I suppose until one of the matches is exhausted, etc). It's all part of the same effort as the prize, so if you're interested, catch up over there using the link above.

The post I'll draw the most attention to is the one related, in part, to the Mprize. The Foundation announces that the total donations they've received has passed $10M, including donations for the prize, research grants, and other Foundation work.

I have to admit that, for non-accountants and non-prize-bloggers, some of the other recent posts are probably more interesting reading.