Tuesday, December 04, 2007

New Genomics X PRIZE Team Led By George Church

From the X PRIZE Foundation news update list comes a link to an article from Boston.com about the Genomics X PRIZE, including a new team:

Harvard Medical School genetics professor George Church, 53, who helped originate the Human Genome Project, is set to announce he will lead a team that will compete for the X Prize. Church said he hopes his Personal Genome X team, vying with five rivals from both sides of the Atlantic, will accomplish the task in 2008.

The article gives some details on the team's approach:

Church's team, consisting of about 20 engineers and technicians at his Church Lab in Harvard Medical School and other labs around the world, plans to line up about 200 of their customized genome-sequencing machines somewhere in the Boston area to handle massive volumes of sequencing simultaneously. The team is also using "open source" hardware and software, posting their specifications online for public inspection.