Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pomerantz Report on Odyssey Moon

RLV News posts on, among other interesting topics, the latest X PRIZE Foundation Pomerantz Report blog post. This one is on the Odyssey Moon announcement for the Lunar X PRIZE, and compares the results from teams that let the public know the details about their progress to the ones that keep quite.

Also check the Teams button at the Google Lunar X PRIZE site. There's a page or two
for Odyssey Moon, and also a forum, similar to the Automotive X PRIZE forum. The forum is a good communication tool to allow teams to communicate with preferred partners, find suppliers, find team members, discuss the fine points of the rules, and so on. W. Pomerantz has started a lot of the discussions with a post that clarifies what each category is meant to cover. If you look through the discussions, you'll see (already, and presumably more in the future) a lot of interesting information from teams, prospective teams, and the X PRIZE Foundation folks. For example, from Moderator William Pomerantz on a question on a 2008 Conference/Summit/Event:

We are working on finalizing those details, and hope to be able to distribute them in the near future. However, I can tell you that we will indeed be hosting a "Team Summit" event in the May/June timeframe. It will be held in Europe. The event will be a forum for people to ask questions about the rules and for leading thinkers to talk about important issues related to the prize (such as how does one respectfully visit a historical site on the Moon), and will also be a great venue for potential teams to meet each other, find partners and suppliers, et cetera. Please stay tuned for more info!

Look around the forum for a lot more interesting Lunar X PRIZE information.