Saturday, December 08, 2007

Rounding Up More Google Lunar X PRIZE Team News

Aero-News has an "Aero-Cast" on the Odyssey Moon team that's going to try to win the Lunar X PRIZE. They have a quite detailed podcast interview of Dr. Robert Richards, one of the team's founders. I like these Aero-News interviews; they tend to get into a lot more interesting detail than many general news sources, and the interview questions are usually pretty good. has an article about the Space Investment Summit. The article is about investing in space businesses, including the new Lunar X PRIZE businesses. They emphasize businesses with space applications where the primary business is on Earth; the space part of these businesses is "the icing on the cake".

Update (Dec 9): Here's more (text this time, with a few pictures, instead of sound) on Odyssey Moon from Aero-News. If you have the time, I'd still go to the radio interview linked above first if you want more details about Odyssey Moon.