Friday, January 11, 2008

2008 General Aviation Technology Challenge

They were hinting about this earlier, and now it's official: a couple weeks ago the CAFE Foundation posted that they'd updated the Personal Air Vehicle Challenge for 2008. The competition has been renamed to the General Aviation Technology Challenge, and now includes a "Green Prize". From the site:

The new prizes will be:

  • The Community Noise Prize ($150,000)
  • The Green Prize ($50,000) (MPG)
  • The Aviation Safety Prize ($50,000) (Handling, eCFI)
  • The CAFE 400 Prize ($25,000) (Speed)
  • The Quietest LSA Prize ($10,000)

The rules also show a few more prizes:

Individual "Showcase" Prizes: Winner of each of the following five prizes will receive US$ 3750.00:

  1. Quietest Cabin Prize
  2. Best Angle of Climb Prize
  3. Shortest Takeoff Prize
  4. Best Glide at 100 mph Prize

There are a lot more details about the 2008 competition here and here.